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I know Natura Derma since 2010, I really like the Hormonal Body Massage Treatment which can improve my body health and my outside appearance. I never found this kind of treatment before in another beauty clinic. Hormonal Body Massage is able to relieve my bodily disorders such as insomnia, migrant and keeping my ideal body and also the elasticity of my skin.テつ

I come to Natura Derma Center for doing treatment almost every day except Sunday, I feel so excited for events held by Natura Derma as usually there are special offers during the events.テつ

With Natura Derma, I feel more confidence and excited in running my daily activities, I feel like always shining and sexy as young people had.テつ

Mimmi BarbieSocialite & Queen of Arisan

Wawan Soeharto

I had a very great experience with Natura Derma, satisfactory result by using series of products from natural ingredients, modern facilities, professional therapist and other worker at Natura Derma Center.テつ

The atmosphere and aroma which diffused throughout the rooms are really support the treatment activities, because of refreshing aroma and music instrument played makes me relax and feels like home.

Wawan SoehartoProfessional Choreographer

With Natura Derma, I don’t need to be worry about obesity or skin problems, as all treatments and products that provided to customers are based on skin or body test result of each customers, so the treatment or product must be appropriate to the skin and body that I had. テつ

I know Natura Derma since six years ago, Derma Advanced II is my favorite treatment to relieve acne and minimizing pores in my face.

I highly recommend you to do treatment at Natura Derma Center and also using its products at home to overcome your skin and body problems. テつ

Lisa A.RiyantoProfessional Singer