How to Keep Health the Women Intimate Organ ?

Keeping the cleanliness of intimate organ is very important, many women do not notice about it, whereas it can trigger vaginal discharge due to bacterial infection, the virus can even lead to infertility, therefore please note the following tips:

Make sure that the way you are wiping is correct

The correct way of wiping is from front to back with clean flowing water, this is to avoid the bacteria come from the anus to vagina.

Keep dry your intimate organs

Dry your intimate organs after wiping immediately . Do not use panties wet, humid conditions can lead to fungal infections. When you are menstruating try to change pads every 4 hours maximum, and avoid the usage of panty liners whole day, as it can also trigger fungal infections.

Wearing cotton underwear

cotton is the porous material which allows air circulation remained good in the intimate organs, avoid spandex as well as full lace because it makes itching and discomfort. But it may used for occasionally only.

Avoiding chemicals in the vaginal area

Wiping your sex organs with clean water flowing and try to use a soap that contains herbal ingredients instead of chemicals or contain deodorant. It is important to keep good bacteria / normal flora that should live in the vagina to keep the vaginal ph remains normal

Reduce stress

sometimes we have maintained our cleanliness intimate organ, but still have leukorhea, it mosts likely stress effect.

Avoid sexual activity when you have vaginal infection

It avoids contagious infection in you to your partner.

Note the dietary intake of vegetables and fruit

Myth about pineapple and cucumber that cause vaginal discharge is not true. Sufficient intake of vegetables and fruits rich in anti-oxidants is helpful to improve our immune system so avoid various diseases including fungal and bacterial infections.

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