Digest Cleaning Hydrotherapy√ā¬†is a way to clean the colon using plain water that has been cleaned through filtering (filtering), irradiation with ultra-violet, and heated to conform to the human body temperature. The water that has been sterilized were then flowed slowly through the anus into the colon (large intestine) using a special tool, until the colon is filled with water about 5 – 10cc.water then entered into the intestine was allowed about 1-3 minutes.

The water inside the colon is to soften the stool and release the dirt on the walls of the intestine, as well as stimulate the intestines to contract. When that contraction tuft bowel automatically push out the entire contents of the intestine through a water hose before. Dirt that comes out is sealed so it will not smell or palpable. After all the dirt out, put the water back into the intestine, the process is the same as the initial step earlier. Watering is done repeatedly until the colon completely clean. This method is also effective for weight loss. The entire series of this therapy takes approximately 30 minutes.