About Us

DP-Natures is a Cosmeceutical Beauty Center which has been exists in Indonesia since 2005. Cosmecutical is a beauty concept which combines cosmetic with pharmaceutical function. By its function, the Cosmeceutical’s products able to recover skin problems from inside naturally.

DP-Natures provides holistic skin and body treatments for men and women which begins from the analysis process to each customer with using Modern Analyzer tool.

DP-Natures has range of Cosmeceutical Products made from natural ingredients with high end technology produced, no risky side effects for skin such as Inflammation, Redness, Exfoliation or Dependency of Usage.

We have a Lab in each Center for mixing the treatment ingredients used by the customer based on their skin-body needs and sterile equipment of treatments.

We serve you with our professional Therapist, Beauty Consultant and also the Doctor who is expert in the beauty-health industry.

Through the Cosmeceutical Concept, DP-Natures is ready to deliver the holistic beauty for our entire customers from inside, outside and naturally.

To become the leading cosmetic center in Indonesia with the best quality of natural products, high-end technology and excellent service.

Add value to the customer’s beauty and health, by promoting the best and safe active ingredients in skin and body treatments through personalized service with professional therapist.

Company’s Culture

Kaizen Spirit

Kaizen in Chinese means Constant and Continual Improvement. We build our culture on this spirit. We push all our staff to seek on-going, never-ending improvement in their services, products and to constantly upgrade themselves.

We also endeavor to create a totally wonderful 6-sense experience for our customers
each time they come.
1.For the pleasure of eyes, we use soft lighting, appropriate decoration in the rooms create
the perfect and atmosphere for our customers to relax in.
2. For the pleasure of ears, we play different music to match the different themes in the
treatments room. It is a known fact that music delivers therapeutic effect. It can lift
downcast spirits and relaxes weary souls.
3. Aroma, aroma greatly influences our mood, we diffuse pure essential oil to delight the whole place with a heavenly scent.
4. A cup of tea, we serve a cup of good tea (herbal tea) upon the customer�s arrival each
time, using the right tea cup.
5. Personal touch. We ensure that our staff has the knowledge and skill to treat the skin and body problems (customize).
6. By heart is The most important thing, we educate them to serve customers wholeheartedly.

Company’s Philosophy?
Filosofi Kupu-Kupu
We believe in achieving a comprehensive success needs times and process which not instant.

Tenacity, hard work and teamwork which synergize one to each other are values that implemented in our daily performance just like the metamorphosis of butterfly.

Why choose DP-Natures?

  • Skin and Body Analysis with Modern Analyzer
  • Products from natural ingredients produced by high end technology
  • No inflammation or redness effect to the skin as there is no chemical content in all products
  • Laboratory in every branch, it’s for mix the treatment products for customer based on skin analysis result, to distill water used by customer in their treatment based on skin type of each customer and it is also used to sterilized treatment’s equipment
  • The treatment rooms are for individual or couples only